Established in 2015 by concerned scientists and key scientific institutions and associations from across Australia, the ACvA aims to increase the visibility of cardiovascular diseases as a National Health Priority Area with the general public

  1. advocate for increased peer-reviewed funding for research into heart, stroke and vascular disease.
  2. represent cardiovascular researchers in the advocacy of Canberra for research into heart, stroke and vascular disease.
  3. promote the development of strong collaborative networks between cardiovascular researchers nationally

The Australian Cardiovascular Alliance Ltd (ACvA) is a registered company (ACN 607 436 671, ABN 13 607 436 671) under the Corporations Act 2001. The company is a not for profit public company limited by guarantee.  The day of commencement of registration is the fourth day of August 2015. 

The constitution of the ACvA including membership eligibility and admission can be found here.

The Board of Directors comprises Key Cardiovascular Research Leaders from around Australia. The current Directors are:

Professor Gemma Figtree,
President, New South Wales

Professor Livia Hool,
Secretary, Western Australia

Professor Stephen Nicholls,
Treasurer, South Australia

Professor Robert M Graham,
New South Wales

Professor Jonathan Golledge,

Professor Mark Nelson,

Professor  Ben Freedman,
New South Wales

A/Professor Andrew Murphy,

Certificate of Registration