The ACvA held its 2020 AGM this afternoon and amongst other things, held an election for the Board Directors. As per, our constitution, three of the longest serving Directors step down at each AGM but are able to seek re-election. Members are also able to nominate potential new Directors who, along with the Directors stepping down, are up for election at the AGM. The new Directors elected today are:

  • Professor Jason Kovacic of VCCRI
  • Professor Kerry-Anne Rye of UNSW
  • A/Prof Christina Bursill of SAHMRI

Please see HERE for their head shots and bio.

Dr Chloe Flutter was appointed as a casual vacancy at by the Board earlier this year and as per the recommendations in the papers circulated for the AGM will continue as a Board member in 2021.

This composition of the Board is now as follows:

  • Prof Gemma Figtree
  • Prof Jamie Vandenberg
  • Prof Stephen Nicholls
  • Prof Chris Reid
  • Prof Karlheinz Peter
  • Prof David Kaye
  • Prof Jason Kovacic
  • Prof Kerry-Anne Rye
  • A/Prof Christina Bursill
  • Dr Chloe Flutter

The Board and ACvA operational team warmly welcome the new Members and sends its sincere thanks to the retiring members, Professors Ben Freedman and Mark Nelson and A/Professor Andrew Murphy, for their leadership and generosity and commitment to ongoing engagement with ACvA to help our research community to have enduring impact on CVD health.