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ACvA Press Release: Supporting a Change of Heart

Australia’s cardiovascular specialists have welcomed a new report that shows Australia has become complacent about the impact of cardiovascular disease (CVD). The report calls for a fresh approach to treating our biggest killer, which includes diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke and blood vessel disease. The report by the Baker IDI, Change of Heart:… Read more »

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ACvA Submission to Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF)

Australian Medical Research and Innovation Five Year Strategy Title: SUBMISSION from the Australian Cardiovascular Alliance to the MRFF Strategy Submitted by: Australian Cardiovascular Alliance Contact information: Professor Jaye Chin-Dusting (Chair), The establishment of the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) as a dedicated vehicle for investment in medical research has been greatly welcomed by the… Read more »

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You can save a life with just one conversation. Click here to read more and download valuable resources from the Heart Foundation

1 May 2016 | read more »

National Heart Foundation pledges an additional $5.3 Million AUD funding in 2017 to their national grants offering.

The National Board has committed an additional $5. 3M funding in 2017 to the nationally competitive grants offered by the Heart Foundation. This is a one-off commitment from the research reserves to address the short term crisis, and further, the Board has agreed to work towards a significant increase in recurrent funding, supported by targeted… Read more »

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International Society for Heart Research (ISHR) Congress

Founding board member of ACvA, Livia Hool, recently attended the International Society for Heart Research (ISHR) Congress held on April 18-21 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, along with Dr Kim Mellor and Dr Helena Viola who are both Early Career Researcher (ECR) Representatives on the ISHR Council. Livia, as the Australasian Section President, along with Past… Read more »

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