A game changer is an idea, procedure or finding that effects a significant shift in the current way of doing or thinking about something.

The purpose of this award is to raise awareness and the profile of its awardee and their innovative/transformative work over the past year.

By way of example, it could be:

  • an early stage finding
  • a transformative analytical process
  • bringing new technologies or techniques together to create a new way of doing things
  • bringing fields of research together potentially creating a whole new field of inquiry
  • an idea that creates positive ripples/disruption in the research/medical field to which it applies and more broadly.

Eligibility criteria and Conditions

  • The nominee can be any researcher or part of a team of researchers, irrespective of discipline but needs to have relevance to improving cardiovascular health outcomes, whether in the short, medium or long term.
  • This award has a strong focus on contemporary ideas/innovations in the past 12-months. Early-mid career researchers (EMCRs; 15 years < post-PhD) are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • If the nomination is a team of researchers, at least one member must be an EMCR and their contribution must be listed.
  • The nominee does not have to be an ACvA member.


  • The awardee must demonstrate their ongoing commitment through championship of the sector and stakeholder engagement.
  • The panel reserves the right to withhold granting the award for the calendar year if it deems nominations did not meet the standard required.

How to nominate

  • A game changer can be nominated by anyone, including by themselves.
  • The nominator/nominee should complete the attached template, noting the requirement for two referees to provide objective evidence of the impact of their work. These can include, but are not limited to:
    1. Peers
    2. Senior scientists/lab heads/research directors
    3. Funding bodies (eg NHFA, Stroke Foundation)
    4. Industry
    5. Government
    6. Editors from journals
  • At least one referee must be from an external organisation separate from the nominee.
  • Completing the attached template is all that is required for the nomination

Nomination assessment

  • The key criteria will be demonstrating that the idea, procedure or finding did affect a significant shift in the current way of doing or thinking about something in line with the nomination form.
  • The game changer nominations will provided to a review panel who select the award based on the nominees work over the past year and the above.

Closing date

Nominations close 31 August 2021.