The Mentor award seeks to target individuals who during their careers demonstrate extraordinary leadership and practical help and guidance to:

  • Support career development and progression in cardiovascular-related fields
  • Advocate for the mentees in the cardiovascular sector
  • Increase the participation, confidence and through this enhance the career sustainability of underrepresented groups in cardiovascular research.

Such commitment and extraordinary effort may be demonstrated by:

  • the number and diversity of individuals mentored
  • assisting mentees e.g. to present and publish their work, to find grants or other means to support their work, and to provide career guidance
  • providing psychological support, encouragement, and essential strategies for life in academia and beyond
  • continued interest in the individual’s professional advancement.

Eligibility criteria and Conditions

  • The nominee must have demonstrated leadership in mentoring as defined above.
  • The nominee does not have to be an ACvA member.

How to nominate

  • Self-nominations are not accepted
  • The nomination should include a brief description of how the nominee has demonstrated their leadership.
  • Testimonials from two mentees.
  • Testimonials from two peers.
  • Completing the attached template is all that is required for the nomination.

Nomination assessment

  • The key criteria will be demonstrating that the nominee has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and practical help and guidance.
  • The nominations will be provided to a review panel who select the award based on the above criteria.

Closing date

Nominations close 31 August 2021.