Previous Webinars

This webinar explores the research impact from different angles in the sector. Presented by Stephanie Blows, Derek van Dyk, Bill Stavreski, Prof Julie Redfern.

This webinar explores the importance of consumer engagement with our speakers Sue Bowden, Lee Hunt, Jamie Vandenberg and and Rebecca Davies.

This webinar was presented by Dr Tamsin Terry, Director, Commercial Engagement – Life Sciences at UniQUEST, and will feature panellists Prof Kerry-Anne Rye, Prof Grant Drummond, Dr Chengxue Helena Qin and Dr Nathan Palpant.

This session was NOT recorded, at the request of the presenter.

In our second Commercialisation webinar, we heard about the journey from discovery to commercialisation from Professor Avril Robertson – Inflazome, and Professor Tony Weiss – Elastagen.


Presented by Profs Tom Marwick, Seana Gall, Ajay Mahal, Marj Moodie and Lan Gao and hosted by the ACvA Implementation and Policy Flagship, we explore the implementation strategies for heart valve disease