Flagships | Australian Cardiovascular Alliance (ACvA)

Six Strategic Flagships bring a new vision, new thinking and new strategies to solve cardiovascular disease. We are calling for applications for Directors of each flagship. Click on the name of each flagship below to read the position description. Applications close June 21st. Please send through a two-page track record and a short cover letter of no more than 350 words in total (addressing the skills and experience outlined in the position description) and include details of 2 referees. 

Send applications to acva@ozheart.org by June 21. Questions to be addressed to gemma.figtree@sydney.edu.au 

They are:

1. Implementation and Policy Research.

Delivers the best cardiovascular care for all Australians, from prevention and primary care through to the interventional catheter laboratory and operating theatre.

2. Clinical Trials Flagship.

Provides rigorous testing of Australian discoveries and devices, and drug repurposing.

3. Big Data Flagship.

Develops large-scale data linkage and leverages emerging opportunities in data science. Supports epidemiology and health services research, monitoring and evaluation.

4. Precision Medicine Flagship.

Embeds multi-omic platforms (from genomics to metabolomics) and computational bioinformatics with well-phenotyped clinical cohorts to discover new markers and mechanisms.

5. Bioengineering Flagship.

Accelerates the development and translation of devices, tissue engineering and advanced cardiovascular imaging.

6. Drug Discovery and Translation Flagship.

Promotes targeted development of new therapies incorporating emerging biology.


These Flagships cut across the four major clinical challenges where critical need is matched by scientific expertise – atherosclerosis, heart muscle disease, arrhythmia and stroke.

The Flagships capitalise on Australia’s track record in cardiovascular research providing a unique opportunity to bridge the early translational gap, take advantage of venture capital funding and establish a global centre of innovation, treatment and industry.

The Flagship structure brings together the entire cardiovascular research community and promotes a whole-of-nation approach along a bi-directional translational pipeline. This ensures Australian researchers are aligned to the most urgent clinical challenges and that discoveries and innovative approaches to care are translated to the bedside in an accelerated manner.

Australia has an admirable health system and a well-deserved reputation for the quality of its health and medical research. The coming tsunami of cardiovascular disease will test the resilience and effectiveness of the country’s research governance and historical funding allocating frameworks.

The ACvA’s Flagships are uniquely positioned to strategically ensure Australian cardiovascular research transforms the future health of the country, providing vision and leadership of a national alliance, ensuring all Australians benefit from receiving the very best cardiovascular care.