Brian Morris

  • Address
    University of Sydney

The 2014 Irvine Page–Alva Bradley Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Heart Association’s Council on Hypertension (formerly High Blood Pressure Research Council).
The Lewis K. Dahl Award and Lecture for 2010 – Council for High Blood Pressure Research, presented at HBPR2010 in Washington, DC.
The Edgeworth David Medal for 1985 – State Science Prize from Royal Society of New South Wales, Australia.
The 2006 Faculty of Medicine Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Research Supervision, University of Sydney.
Over 370 publications.
Currently Professor Emeritus, School of Medical Sciences (Physiology), University of Sydney; Professor from 1999; first appointed as academic 1978.
CJ Martin Research Fellow and Advanced Fellow of the American Heart Association, 1975-1978: Univ. Missouri then Univ. calif San Francisco.
PhD under Colin Johnston, Melbourne, 1972-1975.
Graduated from Univ. Adelaide.