Clive May

  • Address
    Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health

Clive May is head of the Neuro-cardiovascular laboratory at the Florey Institute, University of Melbourne. He completed a BSc and PhD at Southampton University then worked at GD Searle and at the Medical Unit St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School, London, before joining the Florey in 1989. Research in his laboratory is focussed on understanding the disease processes in models of cardiovascular disease, in particular septic shock, heart failure and myocardial reperfusion injury, with the aim of developing improved treatments for these common and difficult to treat conditions. He has developed numerous techniques for long-term measurement of multiple regional blood flows, simultaneous recording of cardiac and renal sympathetic nerve activity and measurement of renal cortical and medullary oxygenation and perfusion in order to investigate the pathology of these diseases. His laboratory has been funded by the NHMRC and NHF and NIH. He is an originating member of the start-up company Neuprotect that is developing drugs to treat myocardial ischaemia/reperfusion injury, with the first drug planned to start a Phase II trial in 2015.