Gemma Figtree

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Gemma Figtree is a Professor in Medicine at the University of Sydney and is an interventional cardiologist at Royal North Shore Hospital. She completed her DPhil at Oxford University in 2002 supported by a Rhodes Scholarship and has continued working in the field of oxidative signalling and translational cardiovascular research. She is committed to improving the care for patients with heart attack- developing methods of identifying those at highest risk of adverse outcome, and discovering novel therapies. Discoveries in her Laboratory have been published in leading journals Circulation Research and Circulation. In total she has 97 publications in peer-review journals. GF is a principal investigator on grants from NHMRC, the Heart Foundation, Heart Research Australia, Sydney Medical Foundation that have totalled >$3.8 mill. She has recently been awarded a Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellowship (2013-) and a NHMRC Career Development Fellowship (2013-).