Joseph Moxon

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    James Cook University

Dr Moxon was awarded his PhD in June 2008 from the University of Wales Aberystwyth (UK), after completing a research programme utilising molecular approaches to identify diagnostic markers for infectious disease. At the conclusion of his studies, Dr Moxon was invited to join the James Cook University (JCU) Queensland Research Centre for Peripheral Vascular Disease (QRCPVD, then called the ‘Vascular Biology Unit’), initially on a 1 year contract to identify blood-borne markers for peripheral artery disease (PAD). The QRCPVD has internationally recognised expertise in PAD evidenced by the award of over $20 million in competitive research funds, publication of over 200 papers in high impact journals and is the lead partner in the multi-centre NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Peripheral Artery Disease. The QRCPVD has provided a strong research environment in which Dr Moxon has excelled by consistently demonstrated scientific leadership well beyond those expected of someone of his career stage. Strong recognition of his leadership is evidenced by promotion to his current tenured, research only position as QRCPVD Senior Scientist, only 3 years after the award of his PhD. In this role Dr Moxon leads a team of 3 post-doctoral scientists and 2 research assistants conducting a diverse portfolio of translational projects designed to improve the care of PAD patients. Success in this role is demonstrated by the publication of a strong body of collaborative work in leading journals over the last 5 years (detailed below), and the award of ~$140,000 in competitive funds as principal investigator. Importantly, Dr Moxon has directly overseen the allocation of secured funds and successful delivery of study milestones and publishable outcomes confirm his ability to effectively manage project budgets.

In 2014 Dr Moxon received a JCU Rising Stars Award, a competitive grant which recognises technical excellence and leadership in early career researchers (success rate: 30%). In addition to providing research funds, the Rising Stars Award has provided intensive up-skilling in project management. Relevant to the current proposal, the Rising Stars Award has equipped Dr Moxon with skills in personnel management, conflict resolution, research commercialisation and presenting scientific findings to the media.