Ruby Lin

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    Asbestos Diseases Research Institute

Ruby is a senior research fellow based at the Asbestos Diseases Research Institute since May 2014. Previously she was a senior research fellow at the Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics, University of New South Wales from 2003. Her research interests for the last 15 years have expanded from cardiovascular disease and transcriptomics to systems biology and non-coding RNA species. During this time, she was awarded a NHMRC project grant with A/Prof Julie McMullen to look at transcriptomics of myocardial infarction in a PI3K mouse model. Interestingly, she also had two of her own functional genomics experiments that resulted in 8 months of maternity leave with her first child and 1 year of maternity leave with her second. Despite the lengthy break, she managed to secure another NHMRC project grant with A/Prof Julie McMullen for 2013-5 and had 9 publications during this time. She is now focussing on using systems biology to address underlying pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease and overlapping disease pathway themes with mesothelioma. And to make it more interesting, she is analysing 73 samples of miRNA-seq data and 36 samples of RNA-seq datasets.
Ruby collaborates with A/Prof Julie R McMullen (Baker IDI), Prof Margaret J Morris (UNSW), Prof Sakari Kauppinen (Aalborg University, Denmark), Prof Robert H Yang (UNSW) and many other which can be viewed in her LinkedIn: Ruby remains an active member of AGTA and Franklin Women, as well as being part of the UNSW women in Research network as a mentor.