The George Institute

    The George Institute for Global Health is an internationally-recognised health research organisation, undertaking high-impact research across a broad landscape. Affiliated with several leading universities in Australia, Asia and the UK, the Institute is a global leader in research and policy on the prevention and treatment of common chronic and critical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and severe trauma.

    The Institute was established in 1999 and employs a global network of leading medical experts across a range of specialties, as well as other health professionals with expertise in research design, project management and statistical analysis. With a respected voice among global health agencies, the Institute has attracted significant funding support from governments, foundations and corporations in support of its work. The George Institute’s research is regularly published in the top tier of academic journals internationally and contributes to clinical and public health policy worldwide.

    Our mission is to improve the health of people worldwide by:

    • Providing the best evidence to guide critical health decisions
    • Engaging with decision makers to enact real change
    • Targeting global epidemics, particularly of chronic diseases and injury
    • Focusing on vulnerable populations in both rich and poor countries

    In achieving that mission, we are committed to ensuring the integration of good business practices throughout all our operations.

    The Institute has grown rapidly since its inception, and currently employs approximately 200 staff at its headquarters in Sydney. The George Institute also has offices in India, China and the UK at which an additional 100 staff are employed. Research is currently conducted at around 300 collaborating centres in approximately 50 countries worldwide.

    The George Institute is made up of several research & development themes, divisions and programs that oversee numerous large-scale international and regional projects funded by a diverse range of sponsors, both public and private. The George Institute has also established a number of social enterprises that provide services to clients in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors worldwide.  In the current financial year, the Institute’s gross revenue is expected to total around $90 million, making it one of the largest medical research institutes in Australia. 

    The George Institute is dedicated to the recruitment, development, and retention of the best people from around the world. The pursuit of academic, scientific and operational excellence in a “can do” culture is actively promoted in all our activities. For more information about the Institute, visit