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Aug 24 2015 – A Father Gets to Say the Goodbye He Couldn’t in This Chilling Campaign About Heart Disease from the British Heart Foundation

Comment: Heart and Vessel Disease including stroke, the Number 1 and 2 killers, Deserves Better (Jaye Chin-Dusting and Amanda Thrift)

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Donations and diseases – a collection of comments on where we donate versus the diseases that kill us and tips for smart giving.

Tips for smart giving

  1. Do more due diligence before you donate – check financials, including administration costs and governance.
  2. Ask yourself: “What is your real passion or interest?”
  3. Consider giving to fewer non-profits or charities but with a deeper relationship – become more engaged, perhaps volunteering.
  4. Donate regularly and long-term – deducted from your pay via workplace giving, for example.
  5. Support operating costs such as marketing and not just sexy projects or programs.
  6. Ask questions such as: “What are the outcomes of your work? What is the impact of the work you do?”

Louise Walsh, Philanthropy Australia