A recent online survey of over 500 Australian cardiovascular researchers paints a bleak future unless more support is provided to our talented researchers. The survey, which was distributed in 2019 across Australian cardiovascular societies and councils, universities and research institutes found that of the cardiovascular researchers who responded:

  • only 23 percent have permanent employment;
  • as many as 68 percent have considered leaving CVD research, and
  • a worrying 91 percent would leave CVD research in the absence of secure funding in coming years.

The findings, published in the journal Heart, Lung and Circulation (here), clearly demonstrate that Australia needs a more strategic, coordinated and diversified approach to funding and in-kind support and much closer collaboration with key government, health, philanthropic and industry stakeholders to create a more sustainable future for the sector, to ensure there is significant impact from the funding that is invested.

Find the media release here
A infographic of the study can be found here.