Australian Cardiovascular Alliance

Cardiovascular research benefiting all Australians

The Australian Cardiovascular Alliance (ACvA) is the peak leadership body in the country for the advancement of heart, stroke and vascular disease research.

It is a comprehensive collaboration of the very highest quality cardiovascular research bodies and scientific societies, individual researchers, industry and non-government organisations in Australia and is uniquely positioned to leverage key interactions between Australia’s strong research capability and the health system to improve health outcomes and reduce costs.


A Snapshot of Australia’s Cardiovascular Health


1 in 3 deaths in Australia are from CV disease, killing one Australian every 12 minutes.


At $8.8 Billion annually, CV disease is Australia’s largest direct health care cost.


Atherosclerosis is the major cause of heart attack and peripheral vascular disease, and contributes substantially to stroke and renal failure. It explains 75% of CV deaths every 12 minutes.


Heart failure will affect 20% of adults in their lifetime.


56,000 strokes in Australia in 2017; 65% of survivors are unable to carry out daily living activities unassisted.


One Australian limb amputated every
2 hours due to complications of peripheral arterial disease and diabetes.


1.1 million hospitalisation for CV in 2015-16, accounting for 11% of all hospitalisation.


CV disease disproportionately affects indigenous, remote and socioeconomically disadvantaged Australians.


The ACvA institutes and societies bring expertise that spans fundamental biomedical research through to global clinical trial and public health bodies.

We work in partnership with the Heart Foundation, and industry members committed to the improvement of cardiovascular health in Australia. We are deeply engaged with the NH&MRC-recognised Australian Health and Research Translational Centres and extend into primary care, which is essential for health impact.


As a member-driven organisation, the ACvA believes the time is ripe for a new vision, new thinking and new strategies to solve cardiovascular disease.

We have developed a strong case for investment in cardiovascular health that represents a step change for cardiovascular health, bringing together our entire cardiovascular research community and promoting a whole-of-nation approach along a bi-directional translational pipeline. This will ensure that our talented researchers are aligned to the most urgent clinical challenges and that discoveries and innovative approaches to care are translated to the bedside in an accelerated manner. These ambitious objectives can only be met through significant investment, leadership and collaboration.

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